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Victoria Chiropractors

Victoria Chiropractors Which is the best way to find Victoria chiropractors who are experienced, licensed and educated? You could ask your friends, family members and coworkers which chiropractic clinic they visit. Find the capable clinic of Dr Bruce Russell in Suite 200 of the Foul Bay Professional Building at 1964 Fort Street.

Thumb through a phone book or do an online search, and you are sure to find that there are a lot of Victoria chiropractors accepting new patients. This would be dandy, if all Victoria chiropractors were as well trained and conscientious as Dr Bruce Russell, but the truth of the matter is, many are not. At the clinic of Dr Russell, you will meet chiropractors and support staff who believe in taking a whole-person approach to human health. When you meet with Dr Russell, you will be asked a series of questions about your lifestyle. Why? Because chiropractors are dedicated to the philosophy that each and every lifestyle decision we make directly affects not only how we look, but how we feel, as well. A person who eats junk food, rides everywhere in lieu of walking and smokes tobacco is bound to feel less than wonderful and vibrant. Changing one of more negative habits will go far toward improving your health and sense of well being. Chiropractic care may also contribute to your improved health by keeping your spinal column aligned and comfortable. The better your back feels, the more likely you are to healthy activities such as long walks and taking the stairs instead of riding an elevator.

Dr Bruce Russell employs natural and conservative techniques that enable the human body to overcome pain and heal itself. If a biomechanical adjustment is deemed appropriate, Dr Russell will manipulate your frame with a gentle, healing touch. Find our caring clinic in Suite 200 of the Foul Bay Professional Building at 1964 Fort Street. The clinic is open Monday through Saturday. Victoria Chiropractors
Dr. Bruce J. Russell
(250) 595-2252
#200-1964 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8R 1K5

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