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Victoria Chiropractor

Victoria Chiropractor When is it an appropriate time to consult with a Victoria chiropractor? If your body is uncomfortable because you've suffered an injury or are dealing with chronic physical stressors, please make an appointment to visit with Dr Bruce Russell at 1964 Fort Street in Victoria, BC. Call on 250.595.2252 at your earliest convenience.

If you don't feel as well and vibrant as you would like, and you prefer all-natural remedies, you really ought to visit with an experienced Victoria chiropractor. When you visit with a traditional physician and give description of chronic pain, he or she is most likely to prescribe expensive medications. That's how most traditional physicians handle pain. Big American pharmaceutical firms report record profits almost every year, but are they actually curing anybody? Most pricey prescriptions are designed to manage or mask symptoms, not thoroughly cure the underlying problem. If you would just as soon take a more natural approach to your health care, an excellent Victoria chiropractor may provide you the pain relief you desire.

An experienced Victoria chiropractor will advise you that in order to feel as wonderful as possible, you must enact positive lifestyle choices. Eating right and getting the right amount of exercise every day is vital to optimum health and well-being. A session or two of chiropractic treatment may enable you to feel well enough to start enjoying a brisk, healthful walk every day. If your spine is out of alignment for any reason, a Victoria chiropractor may be able to put your bones back where they should be. Your spine is a crucial part of your body. If something is wrong with your spine, your whole body may suffer. Find the caring clinic of Dr Bruce Russell in Suite 200 of the Foul Bay Professional Building at 1964 Fort Street. The clinic is open Monday through Saturday. Victoria Chiropractor
Dr. Bruce J. Russell
(250) 595-2252
#200-1964 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8R 1K5

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