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Chiropractor Victoria

Chiropractor Victoria If you've got a awful, aching back, please consult with a licensed chiropractor. Victoria is a wonderful place, but it's not so delightful when your spine is misaligned. Dr Bruce Russell relieves pain using proven chiropractic modalities. Find our clinic in Suite 200 in the Foul Bay Professional Building at 1964 Fort Street.

Modern medicine can be affective, but sometimes not effective enough. Many physicians pay no mind to the way musculoskeletal misalignments can contribute to chronic pain and ill health. When the human spine is misaligned, it throws the whole body out of whack. If you're not getting the relief you seek, it may be time to visit with a skilled and compassionate chiropractor. Victoria chiropractor Dr Bruce Russell is able to provide blissful relief to many people who have been failed by traditional medicine. Dr Russell is respectful of traditional medical modalities, but he also understands their limitations. The trouble with many traditional physicians is that when presented with a patient who suffers from chronic pain, the first and only thing they can think of is strong prescription painkillers. The number of prescriptions written for opiates and other painkillers has risen exponentially over the past decade. Are that many more people in pain? Maybe. Are painkillers over-prescribed? Without a doubt.

No responsible chiropractor Victoria will make guarantees and promises to cure what ails you. If a chiropractor Victoria guarantees to cure you, find another chiropractor. This goes for any chiropractor who knows you for a minute and then tries to sell you an expensive array of nutritional supplements. Dr Bruce Russell will take the time to meet with you and speak with you about your habits and lifestyle. Yes, he may indeed recommend nutritional supplements, but you will not be pressured to buy them from our clinic. Chiropractor Victoria
Dr. Bruce J. Russell
(250) 595-2252
#200-1964 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8R 1K5

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